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SAAB 2012: what happens now?

As January 2012 draws to a close, we take stock of SAAB's situation and ask 'What now?' Read more

Special report: NE England & Southern Scotland SAAB owners 'We are many, we are SAAB' meeting (Jan15th 2012)

'We are many, we are SAAB' : event report from the
NE England & Southern Scotland

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Today, SeriousSAAB offers 22 current features (plus 9 archived) in the Articles Page, several running reports and 'in a nutshell' data in the Library section including torque settings, serpentine belt layouts and common faults plus a glossary of SAAB related terms. The Workshop section covers 21 technical procedures including engine removal, stripping and reassembly together with 'must do' tasks like dropping the sump and upgrading the breather system. The Buyers Guides for the NG900 & 9-3, 9000 and 9-5 are probably the best around because they are the distillation of a decade's ownership and maintenance experience and not a couple of hour's test drive. SeriousSAAB has now celebrated 2 years online and lessons have been learned but our mission statement 'to share knowledge and experience with owners, potential owners and enthusiasts alike' remains the same. In our third year, we hope to build upon this and add some more guest contributions.

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