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Changing the fuel filter: 9-5 petrol B2n5 engine

Kit required:

  • Axle stands (or ramps)
  • Hydraulic jack
  • Drain bowl
  • Socket set or at least 10mm hex wall drive socket and wrench

Materials required:

  • fuel filter
  • Disposable gloves

Estimated time required:
20 minutes (allowing time for clearing up)

Procedure & rationale

The fuel filter is often neglected

Hidden beneath a protective plastic jacket, well out of sight lurks the fuel filter: all too often a case of 'out of sight, out of mind'.

The fuel filter lives (on the petrol 9-5, at least) at the offside rear of the car but hidden beneath the cover, the filter can deteriorate badly due to the effects of time and road grime.

The filter is under pressure and can leak badly wthout warning- as such, it presents a fire risk and MUST be checked regularly.

According to the service schedule, the filter should be changed every x miles or months but as vehicles fall out of the dealer service network, jobs like renewing this filter, the pollen filter and changing the brake fluid tend to get 'postponed'.

Raise the car either by using ramps or with a hydraulic jack and axle stands. The protective cover is a simple press fit and is easily removed. The filter -in all its glory- will now be exposed. Note the orientation of the filter!

Fuel filters are pressurised and can leak when wasted by corrosion

Using a bowl to contain spillages, undo the banjos securing the fuel lines to the filter. Next, undo the single bolt holding the securing strap. It pays to choose a 10mm wall-drive or hex socket to undo this bolt as use of a lesser tool could fail to undo the fastener and may damage the flats so it cannot be undone easily.

Screw the fuel line banjos into the filter using the new copper sealing washers in the filter kit. Wire brush the single securing bolt for the filter retaining band and treat with anti-seize compound (such as Coppaslip) so the next technician won't have a problem repeating the same job later.

You never know- that someone could be you! Turn the engine over but bear in mind that it will take a few moments to build up the fuel pressure and so will NOT start immediately. Check for leaks and then refit the protective cover. Job done!

Don't forget to fit the new sealing washers that are provided with the filter kit









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