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9-5 Setting the time using RDS & clearing 'Time for Service' message

Sometimes, you will find people on eBay offering to sell you the know-how to clear the time for service message, which just happens to have a depressing habit of appearing in the SID screen a day or so AFTER you have just given the said chariot a rattling good service. This tends to attract sarcastic comments from 'er indoors! Here is how to clear the message for FREE:

Tools required:

  • None!

Remove the 'Time for Service' message

The official way to reset the service indicator is with the AD 400 Tech 2 scan tool but the message can be removed by a simple procedure:
Turn the ignition to ON. Then, press the CLEAR button once and release. Now, press and HOLD DOWN the CLEAR button on the SID panel for at least 8 seconds. Audible signals (beeps) will now be heard. The word 'CLEAR' will appear on the display after around 4 seconds but keep the button pressed until the word 'SERVICE' appears. Release the clear button and turn off the ignition and then back on to check the operation has been successful.

Re-time the RDS clock

Radio Data System is a protocol (or communications standard) that encodes data with FM frequency radio transmissions. RDS enables radio stations to combine a Programme Identifier with transmissions so that the radio locks onto the strongest transmitter during the course of a journey. The system depends upon good reception, which, if not available, will result in the message ‘NO RDS’ being displayed on the SID.

Pre-requisites for setting RDS time:

  • Good reception (signal strength)
  • Received station must be transmitting RDS signals

Press and hold down BOTH buttons beneath the Clock (SID unit)
The message ‘RDS RE TIME’ appears in the SID display

The clock will now be synchronised with the radio broadcast data and reset. Job done!

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