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9000: ZF HP 18 automatic: adjusting the brake band

The ZF HP 18 automatic gearbox is a complex -and heavy- beast that does not lend itself to DIY tinkering. Don't go adjusting the brake band if the gearbox is working OK - it should only need adjusting after a considerable mileage
and only then if the shift quality has deteriorated and AFTER the Dexron 2 (or 3) fluid and filter has been changed.

Tools required 22mm socket
6 mm hex (Allen) socket
Torque wrench
Components & lubricants required None


This is an EASY job because there is no need to raise the car and the gearbox doesn't need dismantling, as the adjustment is achieved on the outside of the gearbox. No special tools are required, apart from a torque wrench and bettrer still, the time involved should be less than 10 minutes.

The locknut (refer to the diagram above) is located on the front of the gearbox i.e facing you, assuming that you
are stood in front of the car with the bonnet raised. Use a 22mm socket to undo the locknut. Next, use a torque wrench and 6mm Allen (hex) socket to tighten the hex bolt inside the 22mm nut down to 7.5lbs/ft. Now, back off the screw x2 complete turns before holding the screw steady so it does not move while tightening up the 22mm locknut.

When the locknut is tight, use the torque wrench to achieve a torque of 60 lbs/ Ft. Job done!

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