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The Workshop archive for procedures

Welcome to the procedures archive, where we post past procedures. Our procedures page often covers jobs of all types that require attention during everyday running. At the time of writing (August 2010) the procedures page is growing to a respectable size but considerable additional information is held for which we do not have photographs. We have the SAAB Parts, Accessories and Workshop Information Systems (NG900, 9400, 9440, 9600) plus SAAB Service Bulletins to fall back on but these cannot be reproduced here for copyright reasons. As ever, if you need advice, e-mail the author!

There are very few jobs that we haven't undertaken at some time in the last 10 years and we have dismantled examples of ALL models to the extent that once, when the remains were despatched to our local metal recyclers, the author was amazed to be told that he had left something on the completely stripped shell - the paint!

This site is all about sharing knowledge and the goal is to provide a range of procedural information that can help everyone from the novice to the seasoned DIY fanatic but even if you never intend to get your hands dirty, by reading about repairs, you will gain valuable insight into your own car's construction and maintenance needs.

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Procedures archive

We need to torque: correct useage and maintenance of torque wrenches

9-3 & 9-5: Setting the time on the SID using RDS

9-5: Changing the brake fluid

9-5: Changing the cabin (pollen) filter

9-5: Changing the fuel filter (B205 & B235 petrol 4 cylinder engines)

9-5: Changing the oil and filter (B205 & B235 petrol 4-cylinder engines)

9-5: Engine strip. How to dismantle & inspect the B205 & B235 4 cylinder petrol engine

9-5: Fitting the SAAB breather renovation fix kit (B205 & B235 engines)

9-5: Dropping the sump & cleaning the strainer (B205/235 petrol 4-cylinder engines)

9-5: How to remove the B205/235 power unit without dropping the subframe

9-3, 9-5 & 9000 & NG900 4 cylinder petrol engines: Assembling the crankhaft, rods & pistons

9-3, 9-5 & 9000 & NG900 4 cylinder petrol engines: removing & refitting the fuel pump *New!

9-3, 9-5 & 9000 & NG900 4 cylinder petrol engines: Inspecting & changing balancer shaft bearings

9-3, 9-5 & 9000 & NG900 4 cylinder petrol engines: How to fit a 20 mesh filter to the sump strainer

9-3, 9-5 & 9000 & NG900: How to deal with snapped studs and bolts

9-3, 9-5 & 9000 & NG900: Changing the spark plugs (with plug application chart)

9-3, 9-5 & 9000 & NG900: Changing the timing chains and gears

9-3, 9-5 & 9000 + NG900: Overhauling the cylinder head & grinding the valves * New!

9000: ZF HP 18 automatic: Draining &, refilling the oil & changing the filter

9000: adjusting the brake bands on the automatic gearbox

NG900, 9000, 9-3 (9400) & 9-5: Changing key fob transponder (plip) batteries









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