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Aded: July 22nd 2009
An update on the 9-5 Vector
2002 SAAB 9-5 Vector 2.3 automatic saloon 110,000 miles
Date to service: 18/04/2009

The 9-5 Vector 2.3 automatic

The author's grand scheme to have updates on a monthly basis rather fell by the wayside after succumbing to swine fever. High temperatures, a bad cough and terrible headaches meant the web site and correspondence of all types just had to be shelved.

Thankfully, the Vector has been in very good health, having accumulated well over 1200 miles since its major engine rebuild, which also included a new water pump, breather fix kit, Shultz style strainer conversion, magnetic sump plug and replacement turbo charger. The pollen filter has been changed and the oil and filter was changed shortly after the 1,000 mile mark was reached. It is good to report that the running in process has seen the engine loosen up a little and flexing its muscles a little unleashes a satisfying delivery of power.

There hasn't been time to carry out a full valet yet but we have managed to give the bodywork a good polish, although the typically awful and wet British summer has tried hard to undo our work. On a cosmetic level, we retrieved the spare spoiler (luckily in matching Cosmic blue) and fitted it to the boot in an operation that took only 10 minutes.

Minor issues like the radio not working and the SID displ;aying an incorrect time/date were resolved quickly but we plan to cover changing the brake fluid as another short article for the procedures page fairly soon.

Issues to resolve:
We plan to replace the worn bottom torque control rod (mounting) on the front of the gearbox
Tyres still noisy!









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