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Running reports: our old Vector a year later

Added: December 6th 2009
9-5 Vector: a tale of two SAABs
2002 SAAB 9-5 Vector 2.3 automatic saloon 110,000 miles
Date to service: 18/04/2009

The 9-5 Vector 2.3 automatic just before departure to a new owner

Regular readers and friends are well aware that there is generally a high density of SAAB cars parked near the author's house or lurking in the garage. For the first time in ages, we are down to just one car.

The silver Aero has found a new owner, as has our Vector estate and even the subject of this running report has moved on, having been sold to a very good friend.

Our Vector's new owner is no stranger to SAABs and had few plans to change his car, a 1995 9000 2.3 CSE that we took to the SAAB National Rally at Penrith in 2005. Indeed, the car was running very well... until ill- disposed criminal elements attempted to steal the car in broad daylight. Crude smash and grab tactics failed to get past the car's factory immobiliser but extensive damage to the door and steering column put an end to the CSE's career. The last we heard, the car had been taken away to a 'a large salvage site somewhere n the Midlands'. Should you know of someone that has recently acquired a fully blown 200bhp scarabe green 2.3 CSE auto N***BSN with theft damage, do please let us know. The car has an interesting history and was, in our opinion, one of the better (and faster) survivors.

Moving on to the Vector, readers will be interested to learn that the Sunny tyres were changed and this wrought a transformation in noise levels within the cabin. Previously, the uninformed might have feared that a wheel bearing or even a differential failure was on the cards but putting decent tyres on the car restored silence.

Another job that we had put off was changing the gearbox torque arm. This alloy component holds a large rubber bush and this is slotted to buffer movement when the car is put into gear but over time, the rubber breaks down and the cushion effect is lost to the extent that cars can seem to thump into reverse. A new arm made a huge difference.


Issues since last report:

One dipped beam headlamp bulb failed.






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