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SAAB-Spyker news: August 2010 update

The SAAB-Spyker revival continues apace with the company not only renewing associations with former SAAB sales territories but also venturing further afield.  In particular, SAAB have targeted South America as a potential market and importers are being sought in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico with a view to establishing new dealer networks. 

While this should be seen as a positive move, some SAAB enthusiasts in territories that have been sadly neglected –like Australia and New Zealand- have lamented the fact that they feel a tad left out.  SAAB-Spyker have an unenviable task in that a drive to encourage sales has to happen now if only to capitalise upon the new 9-5 model release and build a solid foundation for future sales of forthcoming cars.  There is, of course, a concern that demand could outstrip supply and whereas this may be a good thing, buyers could get the jitters, cancel orders and look to rivals without waiting lists.  It is a tough call but the route to recovery was never going to be easy.

The new shape 9-5 is now available on the SAAB UK web site as an Approved Used car

Here in the UK, sales are picking up and the author has actually seen a new 9-5 on the road.  The new owner was savouring the experience and the car was not travelling at speed, which was fortunate since the author was driving the ancient Citroen BX diesel estate (a real old chariot!) that may not have been able to keep up. For the first time, new 9-5s are now appearing on the Approved Used Cars section of the SAAB UK web site (as seen above, in a photograph of a PC screen)... although price information is conspicuous by its absence. Although the new car is unlikely to be heavily discounted at this stage those with no cars to part-exchange could surely achieve worthwhile savings against the price new or else secure a better specification and avoid any delay waiting for delivery.

Whereas 2.0 petrol and diesel models in Vector SE and Aero form and even the odd range topping V6 are there, it is clear that the TTid and of course the forthcoming estate version are the versions that are needed most. The new 9-5 is a BIG car with enormous presence but looking at products from rival makers at a car auction locally the other day, it was obvious that cars like the Volvo V70 estate are not or at least do not seem to be as big as old leviathans such as the Volvo 740 estate which was so beloved of antique dealers. If the artists' impressions that we have seen are anything to go by, the 9-5 estate should be a great looking -and roomy- machine.

And that just about wraps it up for this early August edition although I'm sure readers will join me in extending good wishes and hopes for a speedy recovery to SAAB-Spyker chief Victor Muller, who, we understand, is recovering after a gall bladder operation.








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