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SAAB - is it all over?   Stormy summer for SAAB   SAAB Concept cars: a quick look   Changes ahead on the forecourt & MOT bay

SAAB: the final days
December 2011

Added: 29/12/2011


Stormy times for car
maker SAAB

Added: 06/09/2011


In brief: SAAB
concept cars

Added: 06/09/2011


Changes ahead for
forecourt & MOT bay

Added: June 2011

New 9-5s are now available as approved USED cars!   Reader's contribution: a 666bhp SAAB 9-3 coupe (it's devilish quick!)   What's in a number? The arcane secrets of frame numbers revealed.   Special tools are expensive but are they really necessary?

SAAB news update:
August 2010

Added: 22/08/2010


Seriously quick:
One reader's story

Added: 22/08/2010


All about SAAB
VIN codes

Updated: 25/03/2010


SAAB Special
tools explained

Updated: 03/12/2009








Spend some money to save some money: assembling a toolkit to tackle your own repairs

Assembling a tool
kit for your SAAB

Added: 18/03/2009


Sludge. Black Death. Call it what you will - it kills engines. Find out what it is and how to stop it.

Oil & sludging:
a special report

Added: 14/04/2009



New SAAB 9-5: UK launch report

Eagle has landed:
SAAB 9-5 UK launch

Added: 12/07/2010


The first of a new series on how to valet your car properly.

Salon: valeting,
detailing & cleaning

Added: 11/05/2009

News for May-June 2010

SeriousSAAB is 1!

Added 06/06/2010


SAAB production resumes at Trollhattan!

an Easter update

Added: 29/03/2010



Full speed ahead for SAAB-Spyker

Full speed ahead for

Added: 28/02/2010


More details emerge about the forthcoming SAAB 9-4x

SAAB 9-4x:
More details emerge

Added: 02/11/2010

Details emerge about the new SAAB 9-5

At long last, details
of the NEW 9-5

Added 30/08/2009


SAAB news: latest on the SAAB sale to Spyker

SAAB-Spyker deal
Latest news

Added: 09/02/2010


BMW agree to sell engines to SAAB

SAAB-BMW forge
historic engine deal

Added: 04/10/2010


Are you ready for Winter?

Winter: are you and
your SAAB ready?

Added: 01/11/2010


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