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serioussaab is a 'not for profit' website run by enthusiasts of the SAAB marque. Some of the contributors hold down everyday jobs and adding articles or proof reading and answering e-mail absorbs a lot of free time. What makes it all worthwhile is when someone thanks us for our advice or help but sometimes we can help more directly.

Although we cannot work on your car, there is a chance that we may have good, cleaned and tested parts left over from our projects or even entire cars that we can sell on at sensible prices. Just bear in mind that we'd love to GIVE you the bits for free but garage rental, insurance and web hosting service fees make that impossible.

Please note that although shipping within the UK (inc. Channel Islands) doesn't present a huge problem, we cannot ship big or heavy items like bonnets or doors due to the risk of damage. Posting parts overseas IS a headache because rates tend to be calculated by volume rather than weight. That said, we HAVE managed to ship an engine for a 9-3 to Iceland, using Lema Shipping - but only because the buyer did all the arranging.

If we have a car for sale do remember that it will have been used on a daily basis -and almost certainly will have featured in 'Running reports'- so it will be described accurately and you can be confident what you are offered will be 'hand-picked' and certainly not 'a pig in a poke'.

Please note that I am taking a fortight off, effective 10/06/2011: e-mailed queries may not be answered during this time.

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