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Car Buying Guides appearing in print and elsewhere on-line are generally written by professional journalists, who are employed to produce a variety of features about many different makes of cars. The guides that appear here are based on the author's own experiences of buying, owning, operating and maintaining only SAAB cars in the last decade and over hundreds of thousands of miles.

Presently, guides for the 9000 and 9-5 are available to view as web pages or as a downloadable .pdf file that you can view off-line or print, if you wish.

The NG900 & 9-3 Buyers Guide has just been released at the time of writing (June, 2010). Some further work is required and when this is complete, a .pdf version will be made available to download also. Most PCs will already have Adobe Reader - if not, follow the download link below and download the application FREE.

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Read the SAAB 9000 Buying Guide


Download as .pdf file (size 500Kb)


Read the SAAB 9-5 Buying Guide


Download as .pdf file (485Kb)


SAAB NG900 & 9-3 Buyers Guide

Read the NG900 & 9-3 (9400) Buyers Guide


Download as .pdf file (1161Kb)


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