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It is a convention that web sites should include links to other sites of interest. For the most part, this works well enough but some sites are ruined by intrusive advertising while others participate in mutual link exchange schemes which sometimes leaves surfers baffled on grounds of relevance to the main topic area. SeriousSAAB does not participate in link exchange schemes and links that are included are here because the site is (a)relevant (b)run by a fellow enthusiast (c)an approved supplier of SAAB parts, products or is a specialist known to the author or one of the site contributors. In short, links don't appear here by accident!

SAAB sites

SAABS United
Quite simply the best SAAB blog in the world and its creator is the only private individual to have won an award from SAAB. Original site owner 'Swade' will be remembered by posterity as the man whose efforts coordinating protests and events globally ultimately let potential buyers of SAAB realise the strenght of feeling owners and enthusiasts have for the marque. Swade now works for SAAB full time but the work continues - SU remains the logical first port of call for the most up to date information on our favourite car maker.

SAAB UK web site
Why not check out the SAAB UK web site and read all about the new 9-3X or use the 'build your own SAAB' facility. You can also run a national search of SAAB Approved Used cars or download a brochure. This is probably better and quicker than ordering a brochure by post. http://www.saab.co.uk/gb/en/start#/home/

SAAB Car Deals

Saab Car Deals is a dealer approved site that works with ALL the UK franchised Saab car dealers in order to find you the best Saab car quotes and prices or arrange Saab test drives.

The service is free of charge and aims to provide customers with an easy to use platform for when they are looking to buy a new Saab car. All the specifications and data for each model is provided, as well as any news about all things Saab to help in any decision making.


Bill J is one of the best known SAAB enthusiasts in the UK with massive knowledge of the 9000, particularly in the field of tuning and performance enhancements. A long time contributor (and moderator) of Technical forums, Bill has shared his knowledge for the general good on the internet and at many SAAB events. http://www.saab9000.com/

Saabs Online Classifieds
A growing site based in the USA that is well worth a look whether you are buying or selling.

ALL about SAAB wheels
Jeff Powell's informative site holds a simply astonishing amount of information about SAAB alloy wheels. If that doesn't float your boat, explore the Scrapbook section. Well worth a look!

In a league of its own, SAAB Central is probably the biggest SAAB site of all. UK based but with a strong following overseas. Discussion boards for all models and much more.

Go to Saab Central - The Site for Saabs!

SAAB Parts Suppliers

Not everyone lives near a SAAB main dealer - which might present a problem if you have taken your car to bits and need parts. Simple economics means main agents will tend to carry parts necessary to cover 90% or more of service requirements for current cars likely to be in their workshops - anything else will probably have to be ordered.

The author lives in an area that is roughly 40 minutes drive from Alexanders (Teeside) and Western SAAB (Newcastle). Given the time and fuel involved going to visit either location, it usually makes more sense to phone or order online. It is not commonly known that SAAB dealerships also advertise their surplus stock -usually heavily discounted- on a dedicated web site but to get the best from this, you really do need the SAAB Parts System (and know how to use it!) to check part numbers. We have found this most useful, with many dealers up and down the land being more than willing to help us.

Best company to phone up for parts: Euro SAAB Parts Direct
Many years running a very successful SAAB main dealership gives Derek Freeman and Peter O'Carroll unbeatable product knowledge and a huge list of contacts, who just might have that elusive part that has come up as 'NLS' in the parts system.

For the buying public, this is about as good as it gets: here you can buy genuine SAAB parts at trade prices but more than that (unlike many main dealers) there is 'off the shelf' coverage for older models. There is no restriction on what you can buy - ESPD can supply everything from a wheel nut to the largest body panel or even a complete new engine - right to your door. The web site has a parts search facility, so, if you have the part number from the SAAB EPC, you can access the master price index.
We say: very helpful and consistently good

Well worth a look:

Neo Bros http://www.neobrothers.co.uk/ operate from Waltham Cross. Good range of new parts and one of the biggest breakers of SAABs around. Neos often list items on eBay too, including service kits at very competitive prices. You can also book your car in for service, repair or diagnostic work. The projects section of their web site is interesting, to say the least! Neos are currently redesigning their site.

One of the biggest on-line UK based suppliers. Good product range encompassing OE SAAB parts and aftermarket alternatives together with more performance and styling orientated items. If you know what you want, you can order your parts online at 03.00!

Two Stroke to Turbo http://www.twostroke.co.uk/ are another supplier of new parts that also breaks considerable numbers of cars - useful for that elusive piece of trim that costs a fortune from the main dealer. Also one of the very few places that can help with TCS problems on older 9000s.

It is with regret that we advise readers that Elkparts ceased trading in June 2011. Elkparts were the UK's original on-line SAAB parts supplier. Run by enthusiasts, their mission was to offer buyers the choice of original, pattern or performance options when it came to buying parts and accessories. Gone but not forgotten!

Other services:


Abbott Racing are well known tuners and tweakers of SAABs, offering a wide range of proven upgrade options for most models. Here you will find big intercoolers, modified intake systems, suspension and brake upgrade packages as well as larger wheels, big valve cylinder heads, hybrid turbochargers and upgraded ecus. Those seeking serious power outputs -particularly on 4 cylinder petrol 9-5s- should consider the Wossener forged pistons, which, though hardly cheap are a far better, stronger and more cost effective alternative than std cast pistons if you need a rebore.

SAAB Display Repairs Ltd

As used by SeriousSAAB! Defective SID/ACC display panel repairs and kits for fixing that irritating 'Service theft alarm' message.


Smart ABC (Sunderland)


The author has considerable knowledge of body repair shop procedures and is not easily impressed but this mobile service is something that readers should know about. One morning, a smart van with awning was observed outside a neighbour's house. The finished job on a silver car (always tricky to match) was top notch and all the more remarkable for having been completed outside in less than ideal conditions. In effect, this is a mobile bodyshop that can carry out small to medium repairs to your car bodywork or alloy wheels on site and more economically than using a conventional bodyshop. Highly recommended.

Smiles Engineering (Newcastle Upon Tyne)


Smiles Engineering is a long established company with a good reputation for top quality work. A very well equipped machine shop and highly skilled staff means remanufacturing even large commercial or marine engines poses no problem. Smiles have undertaken a number of crankshaft regrinding, polishing or cylinder block rebore operations over the last few years and carried out all the machining on the B235 engine rebuild operation covered in the procedures section.

Forged pistons

All about Wössner high-performance forged pistons. Well worth a look!



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