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Navigation around a website becomes increasingly difficult with the passage of time and some readers have asked the author for a site map. Accordingly, this long-overdue addition to the site appears below. The layout breaks the site down into levels:

  • main page level
  • topic level
  • subject level

Main page level

Home (the main site entry portal)

About SeriousSAAB (general site information, development notes & revision history)

Articles, editorials & news (arranged by date)

SAAB news update: late January 2012
We are many, we are SAAB NE England/Southern Scotland event report
SAAB: the final days

Stormy times for car maker SAAB
SAAB concept cars: a quick look
Proposals for revisions to the UK MOT test
SAAB news for June 2011
SAAB news for mid March 2011
SAAB news for January 2011
SAAB: perception & misconception
Christmas 2010 - a non too serious look at it all
November 2010 news
Remembrance Day 2010
Are you and your SAAB ready for Winter?
Assembling a tool kit for working on your SAAB
October 2010 news
Reader's contribution: 666bhp SAAB 9-3 a tribute to the B2x4 engine
August news
SAAB VIN numbers explained
SAAB special tools explained
July news: the eagle has landed: the new 9-5 has arrived
Sludge: an investigation
May/June news Summer 2010
Is your SAAB ready for summer?

Older articles & features (these will be archived in due course)

April news
February news
Full speed ahead for SAAB-Spyker
All new 9-5 details released
Bangers for cash
The Scrappage scheme - trick or treat?
Koenigsegg deal falls through
Global crisis for car makers
The SAAB convoy

Bazaar (SAAB car parts, cars and projects for sale)

Cars for sale Our own hand picked, tested and prepared cars

Classic SAAB 900 parts (new & used SAAB spares by Steve Lewis)
SAAB 9000 parts
SAAB 9-5 parts

Projects for sale

Buyers' Guides (model history, specification, performance and what to look out for when buying)

SAAB 9000 Buyers Guide
SAAB NG900 & SAAB 9-3 (9400) Buyers Guide
SAAB 9-5 (9600) Buyers Guide

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Library (model by model synopsis of useful information arranged in tab format)

Links (the author's hand picked recommendations)

Soapbox (the author's often controversial views on most things...)

Workshop (workshop procedures & running reports)

Running reports (present and past running reports featuring some of our cars)

Procedures archive (9000, NG900, 9-3 & 9-5 workshop repair procedures)

Assembling the B2x5 cylinder block, pistons & crankshaft
Adjusting ZF HP18 automatic gearbox brake bands

All about torque wrenches: 'We need to torque!'
Changing ZF HP18 automatic gearbox oil (SAAB 9000)
Changing balancer shaft bearings (SAAB B2x4 & B2x5 engines)
Changing the brake fluid
Changing the fuel filter
Changing the fuel pump (SAAB 9000 & 9-5)
Changing the key batteries
Changing the oil & filter
Changing the cabin pollen filter (SAAB 9-5)
Clearing 'Time for Service' message (9-3 & 9-5)
Dealing with snapped studs
Dropping the sump & cleaning the strainer (SAAB 9-3 & 9-5)
Fitting the breather fix kit (SAAB 9-3 & 9-5)
Rebuilding the SAAB B2x4 & B2x5 cylinder head
Remeshing the strainer with 20 mesh to increase oil flow (SAAB 9-3/9-5)
Removing the SAAB 9-5 engine without dropping the subframe
Renewing the timing chains (SAAB 9000, NG900, 9-3 & 9-5)
SAAB spark plug applications & how to change the spark plugs
Setting the time on the SAAB Information Display (SID) using RDS
Stripping the 9-5 engine block
Coming soon...
Renewing power steering delivery pipes on the SAAB 9-5
Renewing the timing belt & water pump on the SAAB 9-5 V6 3.0 TiD









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