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The Workshop archive for running reports

Welcome to the running reports archive, where we post past running reports. The rationale is to provide readers with an insight into what it is like to run a typical SAAB on a daily basis. Some cars have been acquired as projects requiring major repair but others will have arrived in excellent order. Although our cars no longer cover big mileages like they did a decade ago, when 3,000 miles per week was not uncommon, they do see a variety of usage. Presently, the archive is somewhat thin but in time this will build up. Our procedures page often covers jobs of all types that require attention during everyday running.


Running reports archive

06/12/2009 The Vector flies the nest

22/07/2009 An update on our 9-5 Vector 2.3 automatic

02/05/2009 1999 SAAB 9-5 2.0 SE Automatic

19/04/2009 Our 2002 SAAB 9-5 Vector hits the road

28/03/2009 Introducing the SAAB 9-5 Vector project: power unit repairs







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